regs and kit

Assault on Fort Blakeley 

1st & 3rd. Missouri Cavalry (Dismounted)


CS Guidelines:

1) Headgear

A) Citizen “slouch hats in black,brown,tan,or gray

B )Kepis of know late war western provenance in gray, or brown/tan jean.

C) English import hats

D) Caps in English cloth

2) Jackets

A) Dept of Ala ( Strongly preferred)

B ) Mobile"/Montgomery Depot

C) English Import material jackets (Alabama State “Tait”, Non descript “Kit” produced jackets

D) Civilian coats (VERY LIMITED)


3) Trousers (must be brown, gray or tan jean, cassimere or satinet)

A) CS Issue Trousers

B )English cloth trousers


A) CS issue

B )English contracts

C) Civilian

5) Shoes

A) CS issue

B )English contracts

C) Civilian shoes/boots

D) Federal shoes/boots ( LIMITED)

6) Cartridge Boxes, Cap Boxes, Belts, Scabbards

A) Late Western CS issue in leather

B )Late Western CS issue in painted cloth

C) English

7) Knapsacks

A) CS Mexican war pattern

B )Isaac and Campbell/A. Ross

C) Bedroll

8 ) Blankets

A) Cs issue

B ) Coverlets

C) English

D) Federal

9) Ground cloths

A) CS issue painted

B )Federal

C) Citizen

10) Weapons

A) Enfields,Springfeilds, Lorenz’s preferred….smoothbores are ok.

11) Tentage--CS tent flies or CS shelter tents
12) Canteens

A) CS issue in wood or tin

B ) Federal issue

C) English Import wood or tin

13) Haversacks

A) Documented Osnaburg plain cotton haversack

B ) Painted CS documented bag

Notes: The events we are depicting is that of March and April 1865, the Missouri Brigade being sent south with the rest of French's division to bolster Mobile's defenses.

These troops were refitted while in winter quarters near Tupelo, and drew items from the corresponding stores.

Upon arrival at Blakeley they are immediately put to work strengthening the fortifications there.

As the siege commences they are fighting by day, and pulling duty in rifle pits or repairing damaged works by night.

Abbay's Mississippi Battery as well as 16th CS Cav have been in the Mobile/Blakeley area for several months.